send voice message on Facebook from your computer

facetalk is an extension for Google Chrome, which allows you to easily send facebook voice messages to your friends from your computer (which normally only available when using mobilephone).

You can send a voice message with the duration up to 60 seconds. The recipient does not need to install facetalk in order to receive or hear the message.

Because facetalk uses Native Messaging API of Google Chrome, you need to install both the extension and the host app.

Install extension

Install facetalk on Chrome Web Store

Install/Update host app

For Windows

Some antivirus softwares may think the host file is virus/malware. This is a false-positive report (since the host app only connects to facebook's server to login & send voices). Just whitelist the host app. Feel free to sniff the network packets if you're doubting.

To update host app, simply remove previous files (in C:\facetalk) and install the new version again.

  1. Download facetalk's host app installer
  2. Run the installer to install host app and necessary files.
  3. Try to use facetalk again.
For Mac OS

To update host app, install the new version again.

This instruction applies for Mac OS 64bit + Snow Leopard or later.

  1. Open Terminal, run this line: curl http://facetalk.codekiem.com/host/install.sh | sh
  2. Wait until it shows "ALL DONE!".
  3. Close Google Chrome completely and open it again.
For Unix

Not yet tested :'(

Log in to facetalk

After successfully installing the extension, you need to log in to facetalk

  1. Open facetalk's options page
  2. Use your current password or create an app password by following this guide.
    Create app password help you to log in to your facebook app without the fear of exposing the real password. You can delete the app password after logging in.
  3. Log in to facetalk with that password.
  4. Successfully login and then start to enjoy using facetalk.

Ready to start?

  1. Open Facebook chat
  2. Click on the facetalk icon on the title bar
  3. Say something nice
  4. Click "Send"
  5. Surprise your friends ;)


  • Is this safe? I've not heard about this author.

    I guarantee this is absolutely a safe product. I do not collect your personal information such as emails, passwords or access token. Googling "redphx" or "redphoenix89" if you have any more doubts.

  • Why using facetalk I need to install a host as well as this extension?

    Because facetalk use Native Messaging API of Google Chrome, you need to install both the extension and the host app.

  • Why does facetalk need my password?

    facetalk needs your app password to create access token.

  • How "app password" is different from my current facebook's password?

    "App Password" is the password was created to help you log on to another app without having to disclose your main account password. After successful login, you can delete the App Password, so it’s perfectly safe.

  • How to create App password?

    1. Visit Security Settings
    2. In the App Password section, click Edit
    3. Click Generate app passwords and follow the instructions.
    4. Use the newly created App Password to log in to facetalk.
    5. You can delete it after successful login.

  • facetalk-host.exe crashes

    Please install Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package and restart Chrome.

  • Where can I look into the source code of facetalk?

    Currently you can view its source code in the installation directory of the Chrome extension.

  • Does the recipient need to install facetalk in order to hear the message?

    Unlike other extensions, the recipient (who uses the web or mobile app) does not require to install facetalk in order to hear or receive the message.

  • I have another question

    You can send that question to facetalk's page on Facebook.


  • 1.0.4: 2015/12/20
    • Fixed: facetalk stopped working on Chrome latest versions.
  • 1.0.3: 2015/09/07
    • Updated: host app version 4.
    • Fixed: error 405 when trying to log in.
    • Fixed: cannot send voice message to some users.
  • 1.0.2: 2015/06/28
    • Fixed: cannot send voice message to some users.
  • Host app: 2015/04/01
    • Update host app for Mac OSX. It's MUCH easier to install now.
  • 1.0.1: 2015/03/31
    • Bug fixes.
  • 1.0.0: 2015/03/06
    • Optimize performance.
    • Update options page.
    • Bug fixes.


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